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Team Building With Clay


At the Clay and Metal Loft our team building programs combine the elements of fun, interactivity, and creativity to help colleagues work with and appreciate each other's differing expression, talents and contribution, and to accomplish tasks as ONE effective corporate team.

No prior pottery or artistic skills are necessary for these fun classes. You and your co-workers will work in teams, bang heads and join hands together to design and create functional arts based on chosen themes such as corporate vision and core values. The 'clay masterpieces' that you create can be used or showcased back at your workplace to anchor the positive bonding experience and team spirit with lasting impact.


Examples of Clay Team Building Classes:

face mugs team building.jpg

Clay Mugs

Clay MUGS is an innovative, high impact team building class. You and your colleagues will work in teams and be guided to create a set of thematic mugs based on specific themes (e.g. corporate identity or values). You will be amazed by what can be accomplished when everyone comes together through a common (and fun) purpose. We encourage you to use the mugs in your office pantry to anchor the positive team bonding experience for a long time to come.



Clay Hands

Clay HANDS is a brand new team bonding program designed around the creative assembling of the hands of every member of the team. The hand offers an unlimited scope for expression - palm up or down, bending of the fingers, and the different ways of grasping, grabbing, holding, linking, overlapping of one another's hands which all point to different emotion and communication of team spirit.

clay people.jpg

Clay Characters

Clay CHARACTERS is another team building program designed around the creative facial expression and body features of every team member. It's outrageously fun and engaging to reproduce a clay representation of your entire work team. Your eventual masterpiece will have a lasting impact when displayed back in your workplace


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