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About Us

We wanted to start a clay and metal business...Voila!

The Clay and Metal Loft - Located in the heart of Leesburg, Virginia

 Our mission is to create a vibrant working art studio where patrons can see pottery and jewelry making in progress. Classes will help every level of artist discover and express their hidden and vibrant talents by creating art. We hope to create an atmosphere of community building and a gathering place to learn about handmade art and craft. We welcome you to our art studio!




Amy Manson Pottery

My passion is working with clay - a soft malleable substance - throwing, forming, and urging it into an object of both beauty and function. An object, which can be admired, touched, held, and used in daily life.  I use mid-range fired stoneware and porcelain in my work and enjoy glaze colors and themes, which compliment the culinary experience.  It gives me great insight and joy to create a one of a kind piece of artwork. I hope others enjoy viewing and utilizing the pottery as much as I enjoyed making it!

I am an avid cook and have been experimenting this past year with various forms of bake-ware, serving pieces, and other items that enhance the culinary experience. 

 I have been making pieces to become part of your daily life as well as pieces that become part of your traditions and celebrations!  I look forward to sharing my latest functional and decorative creations with you.

Amy Manson has been a studio potter for 12 years, and clay instructor for 7 years. She displays and sells her work throughout the country on the Etsy Handmade Platform and in various galleries, wineries and shops in Virginia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. 

Amy Manson teaches and creates her work (and recipes) from The Clay and Metal Loft in Leesburg, Virginia.

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  Top photos show individual pink sapphire ring and amethyst pendant.   Bottom photos show how the amethyst pendant can attach to the pink sapphire ring to create a different look.

Top photos show individual pink sapphire ring and amethyst pendant. Bottom photos show how the amethyst pendant can attach to the pink sapphire ring to create a different look.

 Ann Andre Designer Goldsmith

For thirty years I've been a goldsmith designing custom work for jewelry stores and now that I'm an independent designer, I look forward to creating one of a kind pieces. My new work is an affordable mixture of copper, silver, brass, and gold with stone and enamel accents. The pieces are designed to be worn in multiple ways; a pendant with two sides for two different looks, a ring that can be fitted with a different centerpiece, and a pin that can be worn as a pendant just to name a few examples. In other words, jewelry that can multi-task as much as you do!

I'm also looking forward to sharing my knowledge about jewelry making and metalwork with you.  Join me for fun evenings and workshops of forging silver into earrings, learning the technique of cloisonne enamel, or casting your own wedding bands. Look under classes for more info about the exciting learning experiences we have to offer.

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